Calibration of your gauges

Étalonnage de jauge inox certifié par Cofrac étalonnage

Laboratory accreditation offers the guarantee that the results are obtained according to validated methods and procedures that comply with precise reference systems.

It also recognizes a laboratory's ability to carry out calibration and metrological verifications in a defined sector and with specified uncertainties.

The brand COFRAC for calibration certification guarantees the traceability of measurements to SI units (International System of units).

The air-conditioned laboratory allows us to carry out calibrations for gauges with a volume of less than 50 litres (working standards of 5L, 10L and 20L).

The gauges calibrated in the workshop are large volume gauges (50 to 5000 litres). We dispose of three working standards of 50L, 100L and 1000L.

  • For further information on our accreditation, please consult the pdf fact sheet or visit the website
  • For gauges of Nv > 50 litres, calibration is carried out using water stored in an underground vat.

Prior to calibration, all of the gauges are cleaned with industrial soap (no bacterial or biological decontamination treatments are carried out after calibration).

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