horizontal stainless steel 1000L gauge with window

Commercial reference : 1000LH


Certificate of calibration.

Following manufacturing OIML R120

Horizontal gauge with convex bottom in stainless steel
Cylindrical body and fireplace
Steel frame paints with 4 jacks
Lifting ring
Perollo valve 3" (joint in viton)
Light way and thread join outlet
2 levels with bubble and 2 taking of mass
Slide increased on +/-1 %
Approval of trial way LNE N°18481

Metrological characteristics

Nominal  volume 1000L
Uncertainty K=2 0,4L
Precision for 1% 100mm
Nb of thermowell 2

Weight and dimensions

Length 1,7M
Width 1,3M
Height 2,2M
Weight 520kg


Length 2,0M
Width 1,5M
Height 2,3M
Weight  900kg


Dip tube 1
Wheels 2
Jacks 2
Butterfly valve 3
Coupling 4
Helm 5
Windows ±2% 6
Trailer hitch 7
Recovery vapor + ladder 8
Gooseneck 9
Packing case packing
Customs code 90318091

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