horizontal stainless steel 5000L gauge with window

Commercial reference : 5000LH


A reference gauge is a volume metrology apparatus for calibrating a meter, thanks to its accuracy for a set volume.

Our stainless steel test measure and provers cans are used in order to calibrate flow meters, (especialy in the fuel industry), for a precise volume and a hight accurancy.

Conform to OIMLR120 request and approved by legal metrology services.


Certificate of calibration.

Following manufacturing OIML R120

Horizontal gauge with convex bottom in stainless steel 304L
Cylindrical body and fireplace
Steel frame paints with 4 jacks
Lifting ring
Perollo valve 3" (joint in viton)
Light way and thread join outlet
2 levels with bubble and 2 taking of mass
Slide increased on +/-1 %
Approval of trial way LNE N°18481

Metrological characteristics

Nominal  volume 5000L
Uncertainty K=2 2,0L
Precision for 1% 100mm
Nb of thermowell 3

Weight and dimensions

Length 2,9M
Width 2,2M
Height 3,0M
Weight 1350kg


Length 2,9M
Width 2,4M
Height 3,3M
Weight  2260kg


Dip tube 1
Wheels 2
Jacks 2
Butterfly valve 3
Coupling 4
Helm 5
Windows ±2% 6
Trailer hitch 7
Recovery vapor 8
Gooseneck 9
Platform 10
Packing case packing
Customs code 90318091

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